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Hong Lip Engineering Works Pte Ltd was established in 1980 and incorporated in 1993. Besides, specializing in the installation of gas piping to residential homes, food outlets of commercial establishments and factories utilising gas for production & processing, Hong Lip also provides commercial kitchen consultation on design of gas piping with gas detector systems and regular servicing and maintenance of kitchen gas equipment for our valued customers. Hong Lip’s ambition to expand the company’s business does not simply stop here. Our company further explored into the sales of gas pipes and its associated accessories such as PE pipe & fittings, solenoid valves, gas detectors, domestic & commercial gas burners, etc. Through rapid expansion program and continued strategic initiatives to strengthen our core business, Hong Lip went into partnership with gas industry players by providing expert advice on piped gas installation and design. Our company also renders services on inspection and soundness testing of residential & non-residential premises, a requirement for piped-gas consumers under the Gas Act (Cap. 116A).  



Safe, reliable and quality piped gas installation


To strive and grow with the gas industry players to meet our customers’ specialised needs in terms of safe and reliable piped gas installation


A company with staff committed to fulfilling the aspirations of residential homes, commercial and industrial establishments with high quality piped gas installation


HUMBLE – Be humble, show respect and work ethically LOYALTY – Dedicated and committed to our customers with loyalty and honesty EMPATHY – Show care and concern to our customers as well as our employees WELFARE – Provide a cosy workplace where our employees’ welfare are equitably taken care of


The logo depicts a commercialised burner’s head with the flame representing our passion for gas business and our everlasting spirit. HL representing HONG LIP’s support in ensuring our passion for gas never dies




Message from our Chairman and Director, Mr Henry Tan Kow Liang


1983 Hong Lip Engineering Works Pte Ltd incorporated

XXXX Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with Gas Partner (?)

2014 Inauguration of the New Office at Toh Guan Rd East